The houses looks exactly as they did when Lasse Hallström was in Bullerbyn and filmed the summer in 1986. In the summer, the flowers sprout in the gardens, and the owners of the houses in Bullerbyn tends them with care. The houses in Bullerbyn are private property and closed for tourists, but the gentleman in Mellangården use to invite visitors into his garden on antique flea ice.

Here, there are surfaces for the children to play and the imagination to flow. In the small barn the children have the possibillity to jump in the hay. Behind the little barn there is a big ash with hollow strain where the children can crawl in and hide themselves.

There is also swings that both children and grown ups can enjoy.

For them who likes animals is Bullerbyn the right place to be, here and in its surroundings there are sheeps, cows, horses, rabbits and hens. During the high season we offer horseback riding.

There are alot of space for picknic in the grass. Either you bringing your own coffee or buying in the café. Café Sörgården offers coffee, swedish cheese cake, waffles, sandwiches, buns and others. In the café tehre is a small shop with handicrafts, books, souvenirs and clothing.


Parkingfee 40 sek/car the fee includes the entrance fee for all persons in the car to Bullerbyn.

The money from the parking goes to preserving Bullerbyn and gives the the local girls and boys some work in the summer .